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UTK Resources

These resources are intended for current UTK faculty/staff/students and require a netid and password to access.


Safety Training:

To work in any research laboratory you must first fulfill the training necessary for all of the potential hazards in that laboratory. This must be done before key requests are made and proof of completion must be sent to the NE Safety Officer Michael Ratliff.

For a listing of required training for each lab in the department please refer to the NE Departmental Training Matrix. 

Most of the training can be found on EHS’s Canvas site using this link OR by searching in Canvas by going to Courses  -> All Courses -> Browse More Courses and searching for “Environmental Health and Safety Training”.

If you are looking for X-Ray, Open Source, Sealed Source, or Laser safety training please contact the UTK Radiation Safety office to get enrolled in the correct training courses.


TIBML requires the following training:

Location PI Closed Source Annual Hazardous Communication Fire Extinguisher Annual General Lab Safety PPE Training Gas Cylinder Electrical Safety Radiation Safety X-ray
Senter Hall TIBML Hattar X X X X X X X X


UTK Software:

OIT offers software to active students, faculty, and staff at reduced or no additional cost.To see what is available to you, use the link below.



Through Citrix, you can run applications as if they were installed on your computer.

Common use software available on Apps@UT: Matlab, Origin, ImageJ, SRIM, and Mathematica.


Kao Innovation & Collaboration Studio:

The innovation studio provides resources to students in the form of technology, tools, and knowledge in order to aid in materializing project ideas. The studio has 3D Printers, Software, Laser Cutters, a Wood shop, an Electronics Lab, and more. A safety course found through the website is required before using the studio.


Personal Website Creation:

Students/Faculty/Staff build websites, compile programs, edit files, and more using OIT’s Linux services.

Note: Your Public Linux account will be available for one year after you leave the university.

The EF 230 course has a step by step guide in creating a personal UTK website. Use the “guest access” option to view the course.


Poster Printing:

Ucopy in the student union provides large-format printing among other services.

Note: If paying using a departmental account you must go though the NE office staff to place the order. As of 2024 the NE Point of Contact is Ashley Nelkin.


Recommended Textbooks:

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