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External Resources


Short-term visitor information (< 10 days):

Contact TIBML director/manager for lab tours.


Long-term visitor information (> 10 days) :

This link gives information about UT’s policy for visiting researchers.

Any researchers who will be visiting for more than 10 business days must complete the visitor information packet 30 days before arrival.


Long term visitor training (> 10 days):


Location PI Closed Source Annual Hazardous Communication Fire Extinguisher Annual General Lab Safety PPE Training Gas Cylinder Lead Training Electrical Safety Radiation Safety X-ray
Senter Hall 101 Visitors Hattar X X X

Closed source training, in person with UTK rad safety (Annual)

General lab safety and electrical safety, in person with TIBML director/manager (Triannual)

UTK Thermal Luminescence Dosimeter (TLD)


Available Cathodes


Recommended Textbooks:

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