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Khalid Hattar

Khalid Hattar

Director of the Tennessee Ion Beam Materials Laboratory and Associate Professor

Miguel Crespillo Almenara

Miguel Crespillo Almenara

TIBML Operations Manager

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Visiting Scholars

Ayanthi Thisera

Visiting Scientist

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Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Past Leadership

Dr. William J. Weber

Former Director of IBML

Dr. Yanwen Zhang

Former Deputy Director of IBML

TIBML Alumni

Jhovanna Garcia, UTK Graduate Student
Zhexian Zhang, Visiting Scientist
Caden Mcbride, UTK Undergraduate Student

Adam Hedrick, UTK Undergraduate Student

Kory Burns, Visiting Scientist University of Virginia

IBML Alumni

Chris Smiddt, ORNL

Chris Wetteland, LANL

Christiano Fontana, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre – SCK•CEN

Joseph Graham, Missouri Science and Technology University

Gihan Velisa, Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Yufan Zhou

Haizhou Xue, Inst. of Modern Physics, CAS, China

Ke Jin, Beijing Institute of Technology

Neila Sellami, CEA-Saclay, Île-de-France, France

Lauren Nuckols

Alex Hanson, Idaho National Lab

Caitlin A Kohnert, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Ben Petersen

Christopher Ostrouchov, Senior Software Developer II at Quansight